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Why 10 Exteriors?

We are a family owned business who wants the best for you! We understand how tedious doing exterior work on your home can be, that is why we strive to help you through the process. At 10 Exteriors we try to make the process as easy as can be with our dedicated and trained restoration specialists. We will you help deal with your insurance, bring your home up to code, and bring you the best upgrades and makeover possible. We don’t want you to have to settle for average, instead we want to help make your HOME 10x better. 

Our mission is to provide you with top notch customer service and to complete each job with the hopes you will love it as much as we love helping you. Because every homeowner deserves the absolute best, with top quality products and service. You deserve to have someone go beyond what the average is, someone who will make sure you get those special orders and extraordinary products that will stand out from the norm. Here at 10 Exteriors we make sure you get what you deserve.

10 Reasons you can trust 10 EXTERIORS INC:

  • Family owned business with over a decade of experience - We take pride in our work & treat every house like our own
  • Knowledgeable, Friendly & Helpful Team
  • Integrity & Commitment
  • Pursuit Of Excellence
  • Passion In What We Do
  • We will help bring your home up to code! Let us fight for you and deal with your insurance to ensure you get the results you deserve
  • Reviews that confirm we are a reliable company
  • Great manufacturer relationship & partnership with our suppliers and our crews
  • We know how to get thing done
  • Trained professionals and a whole separate team that deals with insurance issues

Workmanship Warranty

Our 5 year warranty (industry standard) on new Roof and/or Siding Installations protects against roof system failures due to improper installation. It does not cover damage due to natural causes such as animal, bird, termites or insect damage, hail, snow, ice dams, lightning, tornadoes, severe winds with peak gust speeds of 75 mph or higher, or other natural events that are considered acts of God. 

It also does not cover damage due to settlement, dry rot, improper maintenance or lack thereof by the homeowner, stoppage of roof drains, gutters or other conditions beyond the control of contractor which cause ponding or standing of water. 

Our warranty will become void if companies other than 10 Exteriors INC make modifications to the roofing and or siding system. The 10 Exteriors INC workmanship warranty allows 10 Exteriors, at it’s discretion, to choose to repair or replace the affected area of the roof with like kind and quality of material.


Our 5 year warranty is truly more than you’ll ever need thanks to our expert workmanship and top quality products.

Product Warranty - Exclusions & Limitation

-This Limited Warranty is extended only to the original owner and only covers manufacturing defects or defects in material that cause leaks within the applicable warranty period. Except as expressly stated above, this Limited Warranty does not cover installation, labor, or application costs, and does not in any case cover removal costs, flashings, underlayment, fasteners or other related materials used in the installation of warranted products. 

-This Limited Warranty does not apply to warranted products used for any purpose other than roofing. 

-This Limited Warranty shall not become effective unless each and every bundle of shakes, shingles or other roofing material applied to the roof is manufactured by Fraser and carries Fraser’s Number 1 or Premium Grade Label. 

-This Limited Warranty may not be altered by any wholesaler, dealer, roofer, contractor or representative of Fraser. 

-This Limited Warranty does not cover product failure due to:

  1. Hurricane, tornado, windstorm, hail, lightning, flood, fire, explosion, mudslide, earthquake, volcanic eruption, falling objects, aircraft, vehicles, accidents, riot, civil commotion, war or acts of God;

  2. Defects in workmanship in the installation of warranted products or other improper application, application not in accordance with locally accepted building codes or with the Uniform Building Code recommendations;

  3. Damage caused by flashings, underlayment, fasteners, or other material used in the installation of the roof;

  4. Settlement, warping, distortion, failure, cracking or movement of the roof deck, or walls, or settling of the foundation;

  5. Neglect, misuse, or improper upkeep or maintenance, normal wear and tear or normal discoloration;

  6. Improper handling, shipment or storage;

  7. Build up of moss, leaves, needles, branches or other debris, insects or rodents;

  8. Improper ventilation or roof drainage not in accordance with FHA standards;

  9. Repairs or alterations made to the roof after its original installation, damage from paints, coatings or other solutions. The serviceable life of cedar shakes and shingles is affected by several factors over which Fraser has no control and for which Fraser assumes no responsibility under this Limited Warranty. These factors include, but are not limited to, climate index, quality of installation, maintenance, or ventilation, and the type and quality of the underlayment.

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