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Did the recent storm damage your home?

Although everything looks fine...

In most cases it actually takes years for you to see the damage inside the house. But by then the damage has already escalated…


Crack shingles, chip paint and/or dent siding, causing water to seep into walls, compromising the structural integrity of your home and creating safety hazards such as mold and mildew.

Hail damage can often be hard to spot, particularly from the ground. Damage inside the home (water stains, etc.) may not become visible until years after the storm. By that time, the damages (and the cost to repair them) will have escalated dramatically.

**Other areas that may be affected: Windows, Garage Doors, A/C Units, Fascias.**

As General Contractors, we make many commitments to our customers. For example, we will:

  • Perform on-site property inspections, travel to and from property inspections and meet with third party representatives when required.
  • Provide the necessary equipment and tools, ladders and safety equipment needed for inspections, estimates and reports.
  • Research all relevant data pertaining to weather history, and assess property damage related to weather, warranty malfunction and/or workmanship.
  • Handle all necessary permits building code requirements and compliances and coordinate all the work to be completed.

How to identify hail damage on your roof

Roof hail damage can be random with no discernible pattern. Hail damage to asphalt and composition shingles can look very different that hail damage on wood shingles.

Here are some telltale signs to look for:

  • Asphalt and composition shingle damage

    This includes hail divots that are black in color or are soft to the touch, like a bruise on an apple. Look for any loss of granules, visible damage to the shingle and asphalt and/or mat that appears shiny.

  • Wood shingle hail damage

    Look for any splits in shingles that are brown/orange in color, have sharp corners/edges or those that have little to no deterioration at the edge. Other issues include impact marks or dents along the splits.

Factors that can affect damage caused by hail

Changes in wind conditions and direction can affect the location and severity of hail impacts. nearby barriers such as other homes and trees can reduce the ability of hail to cause damage. Factors such as your home’s construction materials and the pitch of your roof will help determine if your property is damaged by hail. In addition, the size, density and speed of the hailstones will determine how much damage your roof sustains.

When you work with a team of professionals like 10 Exteriors, we take care of all the logistical details and repair/replacement work that needs to happen. Going it alone means tackling all those tasks yourself. For example, you’d have to:

  • Write down a complete assessment of damage and repairs.
  • Include the right measurements.
  • Include any missing sections/damage.
  • Include missing items and materials (maybe gutters, fascia, soffit, window/door wraps etc.)
  • Include missing labor for the job.
  • Research zoning and building codes.
  • Include all building code-related upgrades and compliance.
  • Send photos and building documents to your insurance company to support full coverage requests.
  • Deal with further damage encountered while making repairs, document it and present it to your insurance company.
  • Coordinate supervise and guarantee all the trade specialists involved in the restoration.
  • Purchase and guarantee the materials.
  • Protect yourself from incurring additional out of pocket costs...

The easier (and far more cost-effective) option is to hire a team of roofing experts with years of experience who can guide you through each step of the roof restoration/replacement process, from dealing with the insurance company to the actual work itself.

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