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Your property exterior offers people that all-important first impression. A beautiful exterior creates feelings of warmth and welcoming, while adding significantly to your property’s curb appeal. Siding that’s in good condition is a key structural component of your home that helps protect the interior from the elements. Quality siding installed by experts provides a finishing touch that enhances your home’s value.

If your siding is deteriorating due to poor installation or age, it is time to consider your replacement options.

Our extensive range of siding options, ranging from high-quality materials to a stunning variety of textures and colors, puts control in your hands. This gives you the ability to choose a siding that’s truly breathtaking. Homeowners in Chicagoland have the fantastic choice of siding from Mastic, CertainTeed and many other outstanding, high-quality manufacturers.

PRO TIP: Replacing your siding is the PERFECT time to improve your exterior wall insulation – and the team at 10 Exteriors can help!

Featured Custom Siding

We custom build siding in three distinct styles, one of which is going to be perfect for your home:
Aluminum Siding
Aluminum siding was very popular in the late 20th century and is still installed on many homes across the United States today. It’s fairly durable and when properly maintained and can last from 40 years to the life of the structure. Aluminum siding can also be easily painted with any color you choose.
Vinyl Siding
Vinyl Siding is inexpensive, easy to obtain, quick to install and simple to maintain. It’s made from a durable type of plastic and is very popular across the country. While it can’t be painted, vinyl siding comes in many colors and styles, even imitating the look of wood and other siding materials.
Hardie Board Siding
Hardie Board Siding is a lap siding that looks like wood but feels like cement. This form of siding is effective in all types of climates, protecting your home from heat and extreme sun. It also carries a very unique look. Unlike your typical aluminum or vinyl siding, Hardie Boards bring an elegant touch to the exterior of your home.

Protect your siding from storm damage!

Siding can be susceptible to damage from storms. However, simple precautions before a storm, and effective action taken after one can minimize any issues that may arise.
  • Do an inspection: Look for damaged areas and missing pieces. If possible, effect repairs before the storm hits.
  • Secure loose objects: Anchor anything that could potentially take flight an come into contact with your siding, such as grills or patio furniture.

Siding Fun Facts!

  • There are more than 15 different kinds of siding available.
  • Aluminum siding doesn't rust and can be painted over when the color fades. It uses approximately 80% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable when discarded.
  • Vinyl siding's flexibility mean that it can often withstand winds of up to 110 mph.
  • Aluminum siding contains no organic material, therefore it will not rot or serve as a source of food for termites.

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