Cedar Roofing

What are Cedar Shingles & Shakes?

Cedar shingles and shakes deliver a charming and timeless beauty to homes, evoking an historic architecture. While both shingles and shakes are designed to deliver an aesthetic that’s slightly more refined and tailored than ordinary roofing, there is a distinction between the two materials.

  • A shingle is what you typically see on most homes. Shingles are sawn on both sides and are typically thinner than shakes.
  • A shake on the other hand, is split rather than sawn on at least one side and sometimes both sides. There is one key exception to this definition: Any shake that's tapersawn is actually sawn on both sides. They're classified as shakes only because the application process is so similar to that of a traditional shake.
  • One of the benefits of cedar as a roofing material is that it can make a roof last much longer than more traditional materials. Also, cedar gives you the opportunity to stain your roof any color you desire, either before or after installation. If, years down the road, you want to change your stain color, you can do it with cedar without having to replace the entire roof.

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Are you aware that your cedar roof can be affected by storms?

In many cases, hail doesn’t cause immediate, noticeable damage and as a result, most people don’t realize that their home has been affected. In fact, it can often take years for damage to become visible inside your home. By that time, damages and costs will have escalated far beyond the original storm damage.

Damage from hail is often not visible from the ground, and even a close inspection may not reveal anything unless you know exactly what to look for – Our team at 10 Exteriors are experts in assessing hail damage. We’re your eyes on your roof.

In the case of cedar roofs, hail impacts may cause the cedar shake to split. These splits expose underlying layers, which may reduce the water shedding capabilities of your roof. In addition, split shakes may have portions that are no longer secured by nails, making it easier for shakes to come loose, exposing even more of the underlying layers and providing a path for moisture to enter the home. Before long, you may find leaks forming in the ceilings.

Most people don't realize they have a leak until they see water damage inside the house - Don't wait that long!
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Cedar Shake Fun Facts:

  • Safety is paramount when building a home. Cedar roofs are chemically treated with fire retardants to ensure fire resistance.

  • Cedar shakes contain natural preservatives within the wood which act as a shield against insects/bugs and mold/fungus!

  • Cedar shakes are year round roofs! Whether its 100° outside or you’ve got three feet of snow, they work perfectly in every season.

  • Premium grade Cedar shakes have been used for hundreds of years because of their durability. They last between 30-40 years if properly installed and should only require re-sealing every 5-10 years.

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