Skylights & Windows

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Velux Skylights

One of the easiest ways to attract natural light into your living space is to install a skylight. As a low-maintenance option, skylights are one of the easiest permanent solutions to create an atmosphere with natural light and privacy.

Skylights have several advantages:

  • Brightening bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.
  • Energy efficient designs.
  • Providing more natural light throughout your home.

Additional features of skylights include:

  • Blinds
  • Automated controls
  • Security locks

Replacing a Skylight During a Re-roofing Project

A roof replacement is the most convenient and affordable time to replace/upgrade a skylight. Using an older skylight in a brand new roof could lead to unnecessary leaks or damage, so opting for a new one makes sense. You also have the opportunity to take advantage of a new skylight warranty – to go along with the warranty for your new roof!


The windows in your home not only add natural light and architectural style, they play a substantial role in the energy efficient performance of your home. Our team of experts work with all types of windows, offering you advice on the best products and styles to fit your home.

Whether you’re looking for wood windows, vinyl windows, aluminum windows or clad wood windows, we can help you brighten any space.

Replacement windows are designed for installation into an already-existing window opening. Also called retrofit or insert windows, replacement windows can be installed without cutting out the existing window siding and frame.

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